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Sophie is a singer-songwriter, rapper/poet, and musician. She’s 16 years old and her lyrics speak to all ages.

She’s been performing live and writing songs since she was 9 years old.

Sophie has written over 100 songs. She enjoys putting words together to create meaningful lyrics and finds it a relaxing and fun process.

Even though she’s young, Sophie is clear about her message. When asked what her music is about, she says, “I turn feelings into art.”

Sophie is an old soul and empath. She has the ability to imagine herself in someone else’s shoes, and express through lyrics how they might be feeling.

Sophie hopes to touch people’s hearts through her songs so they don’t feel alone. She also wants people to know things always get better.

Sophie encourages people to focus on the good in the world and find something fun and creative to do to be happy. For Sophie, that’s anything to do with music and she can’t imagine a life without it!

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Im so excited! M y f i r s t   EP is out this S u m m e r

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